Andrea Dromm – Yeoman Smith in “Star Trek : Where No Man Has Gone Before”

Very little is known about Andrea Dromm, and that seems to be how she likes it.  Originally from the eastern United States, Andrea was cast as “Yeoman Smith” in Star Trek’s second pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.  She worked for four days on the show an appeared in a handful of scenes, most notably a brief confrontation with William Shatner and leaning on Gary Lockwood for support while the Enterprise passes thru the galactic barrier.

Although Desilu had an option to retain her as a recurring character in the series, Andrea opted instead to appear in the Norman Jewison film “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming”.  After a handful of acting and talk show appearances she became better known as a model for haircare products before abandoning her career in the early 1970s. 

She hasn’t given an interview since 1988.

She was kind enough to autograph these photos I sent her.  I asked her in my letter if she could be a guest on our Star Trek podcast.  She scribbled an answer that she was considering it, but left no e-mail or telephone number with which we can communicate.  Once the podcast is more established we will try sending another letter. 

Although her appearance is a footnote in Star Trek with a lot of questions about what might have been, the fact that 50 years later she is still willing to answer fan mail suggests she doesn’t regret being part of Star Trek, or even appreciates the continued attention.

Thanks Andrea

Recalled to life, again

It’s been a few years since I last posted on this site. I had such grand plans about doing a travel blog during my time in Australia, and instead I focused on traveling and enjoying myself rather than meticulously documenting every experience.
I’ve continued to dutifully pay to keep the domain each year and given that we are all currently stuck at home, I’ve decided I am going to try to post occasional brain drippings onto this site. If anyone is reading this, please don’t expect them all to be very interesting.
Lets set a goal that I will post something, anything, once a week and at the end of July we shall see if anything comes of it.
Given that I’ve been away for a while, here are some photos of me to bring you up to speed: