Another Pandemic Birthday

Last year I wrote about celebrating my birthday during a pandemic.  A year later it’s the same story.  I got another ice cream cake from Dairy Queen like last year, but at least now I can occasionally enjoy sitting on a patio with friends. 

I took my birthday week off as vacation from work.  In terms of employment I am much better off than many of the people I know.  I’ve been working full time remotely, so I haven’t had any interruption to my income.  Due to business needs during the pandemic I have had to switch departments a couple of times, which has proved enjoyable.  Never-the-less lately I’ve felt myself hitting a wall where I just didn’t have any energy left.  Work was becoming tedious and I just needed a break.  So, I took one.

It is one of the more low-key vacations I have ever had.  It mostly consisted of lying in a hammock and binge watching every episode of The Mandalorian. 

For my birthday, as is tradition I purchased an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  Now that I am decidedly in my mid-30s I didn’t each very much of it, and I long for the day when the gyms open up and I can work off some of the weight I’ve put on by stress eating during the past year and a half. 

I also look forward to finally getting a haircut.  Before the pandemic started, I was trying to grow out my hair to have long hair at least once before it goes grey or bald, and now it is longer than it has ever been in my life.

There are more signs of life in London. Not only are patio’s open but London Major’s baseball is starting up for an abbreviated season.  If all goes well, I will get to attend on Friday.

I don’t know if life and travel will ever return to normal, but for now I just hope I won’t be writing a similar post one year from now.

Jordan without a haircut during the pandemic

Pandemic Birthday

I was born on the 4th of July.  As a Canadian child it was a relief that I didn’t live in the United States, because this meant that other kids could come to my birthday party.  Now that I’m getting older it is less of a celebration and more a sense of dread from my quickly approaching middle-age.  At least, unlike my grandfather, I still have all my hair intact, even if it is graying quickly.

Never-the-less I normally try and celebrate with friends, usually with dinner at my favorite pub, sometimes followed by a movie.  Some cinemas in Canada allow you a free movie ticket on your birthday and it seems a shame to waste the opportunity.

Current circumstances mean this isn’t possible.

Instead a slept until noon, and spent the day listening to podcasts and binging British crime shows.

One tradition I wouldn’t give up is my birthday cake from Dairy Queen.  We’ve been getting a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake every year since I was a child, and since the stores are open this is one tradition I can still take part in.  I hauled by twin-brother in the car and we picked up a rather too large cake, then I consumed far too many calories while watching yet more British crime shows.

Evidently, I am getting to the age where I just want to be left alone to celebrate on my own.  Perhaps I am turning into a curmudgeon prematurely.

Oh well.  Happy Birthday to me.  Hopefully next year I can celebrate my birthday on a beach.


Jordan's birthday cake
One tradition I can keep alive during a global pandemic