Pandemic Birthday

I was born on the 4th of July.  As a Canadian child it was a relief that I didn’t live in the United States, because this meant that other kids could come to my birthday party.  Now that I’m getting older it is less of a celebration and more a sense of dread from my quickly approaching middle-age.  At least, unlike my grandfather, I still have all my hair intact, even if it is graying quickly.

Never-the-less I normally try and celebrate with friends, usually with dinner at my favorite pub, sometimes followed by a movie.  Some cinemas in Canada allow you a free movie ticket on your birthday and it seems a shame to waste the opportunity.

Current circumstances mean this isn’t possible.

Instead a slept until noon, and spent the day listening to podcasts and binging British crime shows.

One tradition I wouldn’t give up is my birthday cake from Dairy Queen.  We’ve been getting a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake every year since I was a child, and since the stores are open this is one tradition I can still take part in.  I hauled by twin-brother in the car and we picked up a rather too large cake, then I consumed far too many calories while watching yet more British crime shows.

Evidently, I am getting to the age where I just want to be left alone to celebrate on my own.  Perhaps I am turning into a curmudgeon prematurely.

Oh well.  Happy Birthday to me.  Hopefully next year I can celebrate my birthday on a beach.


Jordan's birthday cake
One tradition I can keep alive during a global pandemic

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